About us

Normally it's all about you. But here's a little bit about us

Organisations are moving services to digital channels to reduce costs and improve customer engagement. They are rationalising and modernising legacy applications to unlock the power of their data and using analytics to drive improvements in their organisation and we wanted to help them

We noticed that there wasn’t a Microsoft partner in the marketplace who provided real value for money whilst aligning with their customers strategic roadmap for digital transformation.
In 2013, NanoIT Solutions was born.

How we work

NanoIT Solutions delivers comprehensive business solutions that give organisations greater agility across their core business functions to evolve and adapt in a rapidly changing world.


We are passionate about delivering high quality solutions that are aligned to our clients’ strategic vision, and this is inherent in everything we do. We value our people and believe productive partnerships should be built upon transparency, integrity and respect.

Key to our approach is being fully engaged with the vision of our clients and then building a resource model that aligns to the most efficient delivery model ensuring every pound spent adds value to the business. An executive from NanoIT Solutions will remain engaged throughout the project to ensure that quality delivery is maintained and there is an immediate path to resolve any risks or issues uncovered.

Business expertise, industry experience, programme management and technical skills combined with a proven delivery framework enable us to accelerate delivery and achieve results faster.

Why NanoIT Solutions

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