Financial Services

Challenges faced by Financial Services Industry

  • . Customer Experience & Retention

  • . Engaged Employees

  • . Regulatory Compliance¬†

What can Dynamics 365 do for your Financial Services organization?

  • . Documenting and reporting on meetings
  • . Single view across business of relationships
  • . Understanding of influencers and referrers (knowing who gave us them)
  • . Activity follow up
  • . Mobility, visibility of client investment interests
  • . Reporting on investments
  • . Long term nurturing of relationships
  • . Relevant and timely communications with potential investors
  • . Automated sharing of investment opportunities with future investors
  • . Insight into opens and click throughs with newsletters
  • . Event management
  • . Tracking investment interests
  • . Easy generation and formatting of client newsletters
  • . Management of compliance processes
  • . Automated follow up on compliance process
  • . Document management
  • . E-Signature integration
  • . Client/broker portal
  • . Application management

Simplify Operations

Potential clients want relevant, timely and personalized engagement. With the over-arching view of the customer available in Dynamics, marketing teams can create targeted campaigns, design email content, process leads, and analyze trends and patterns.

Dynamics 365 captures the leads from websites, social media integrations and input from telesales. With the direct connection to marketing, Sales Directors can enjoy a full view of prior engagements to close deals more quickly with knowledge at their disposal.

Effecient ways to input data, as well as immidiate insight into actionable, real-time analytics. Allow advisers to send targeted offers to each customer based on their individual profiles, risk tolerance and needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financial Services

The financial services industry needs a platform that can:

  • . Centralise and manage extensive customer data
  • . Streamline and automate key business processes
  • . Ensure that compliance and regulatory goals are achieved
  • . Develop long-term customer relationships
  • . Improve sales and service.

NanoIT Solutions can help you build an integrated sales management, strategic marketing, and customer service platform tailored exactly to the needs of your organisation.

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