Health-check & Audit

Customers who already have an existing Dynamics 365 implementation, we offer a technical, business process and audit to help unlock your investment. We understand that your business is ever evolving and you need your tools to evolve with you to serve your customers.

It is therefore important to keep tabs on the health of your Dynamics 365 instance and its overall alignment with both current and future business strategy and needs.

Nano IT Solutions offers business and technical audits to verify whether your Dynamics 365 platform:

  • Is currently aligned to your business processes and future strategy
  • Was implemented according to Microsoft best practice principles
  • Has delivered the quick wins and business benefits anticipated

How do we do this?

Step 1

We analyse your current implementation to understand how it has been implemented to deliver your business goals

Step 2

We validate your implementation against your business processes and ensure that it is in alignment.

Step 3

We identify the key areas of improvement and provide a structure project plan with key deliverable to ensure that you are in control of what is prioritised.

Step 4

Execute the project plan and ensure any key risks are communicated to your project team to ensure that we deliver a successful implementation

Step 5

A formal post-implementation review will be undertaken to confirm the benefits proposed have been achieved and to agree future steps. With 24/7 support, you’ll be in good hands.


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