Membership management on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Having worked closely with Not for Profits we know that having a good CRM system is vital. It allows you to manage everything behind the scenes and make the most of your valuable data while you focus on achieving your mission.

Maximise customer acquisition and conversion and make it easy for visitors to sign up and become a member.

Manage memberships, contracts and payments. Send electronic invoices. Manual or fully automated.

Give members and / or affiliated organisations a central place where they themselves can manage information, make purchases, modify memberships, register for events, see results, etc.

Raise funds, register recurring donations line invoicing and payments

Discover which communication activities are the most effective and find out who is most receptive to your appeals with enhanced data segmentation. Use reporting to analyse budget spent, funding generated and exploit this data so future activities continually improve.

As well as taking advantage of all these features, you gain all the benefits from Dynamics 365, such as Microsoft Office, Outlook and SharePoint integration, an intuitive and familiar user experience to help increase user adoption, powerful reporting and much more.

Key Benefits of our Solution

  • . Acquire new customers and meet their expectations

  • . Retain Existing Members

  • . Ensures you stay up-to-date on your members’ activities, from registration to invoicing and donations

Why Not for Profits and Memberships are choosing Dynamics 365

While there are many bespoke charity CRM solutions on the market, there are several benefits for charities to use Dynamics 365

Some charities have been stung in the past by adopting a niche solution and finding that it doesn't have regular updates or investment. Modern technology is rapidly improving, and being stuck on a slow-progressing platform means increased risk of lagging behind the modern standards that others are taking advantage of.

D365 allows charities to build up a '360-degree view' of their supporters. This is where all interactions, activities, and contacts are recorded so that you get a complete picture of how people interact with your charity or membership organisation.

Finally, charities receive about a 70 percent discount on their CRM licensing for all their licenses with Microsoft. This attractive discount makes it much more attainable for non-profits and means that you can have the same software and benefits as a commercial organisation at a fraction of the cost.

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