Project Recovery

CRM is a tricky solution to put in place, as it needs to combine a business strategy, a technical system and user adoption in one package, and often this can go less than planned.

Here at NanoIT Solutions, we have a track record and expertise of picking up existing failing Dynamics CRM Projects and turning them round - with excellent support structure and experience dealing with bespoke configuration, customisation and development.

How do we do this? First we identify why the project is stumbling, usually as a result of one of the following factors:

Lack of Enagement

If the Users and Stakeholders are not engaged by the Project Team, this can lead to a disconnect between the system requirements and the wider business – this acts as a blocker to user adoption and so can lead to the ‘slow death’ of even a good technical project.

Lack of Technical Knowhow

If the Project Team do not fully understand the Technology behind the solution, or fail to use the right tools available to them, this can build a system that hits one of the technical limiting factors: Too slow, too inaccurate, too buggy or too overly complex. This breaks confidence in the system and makes any successful delivery a tough march through the various technical challenges.

Lack of Direction

Even when the project is both adopted and technically well built, CRM is nothing without direction on the business’s wider CRM Strategy and good Account Management to ensure the solution remains on-track to delivery on that strategy. These systems can come unstuck for a change in management or a change in the customer’s market environment when the system becomes a blocker to a new direction instead of supporting it. This can often lead to an expensive replacement project or limiting the business in a time of disruptive technology.

When you call us to rescue your project

We engage to understand the Key Objectives of the Solution and focus our Support, Consultancy and Development efforts to gain initial wins - this then allows us to focus on the single biggest contributor of a successful CRM Project: User Adoption.

With One team approach we work with CRM owners and SMEs to build confidence and user buy-in

Whilst doing this, we engage our development team to look at how the solution can be improved and brought back into line with stakeholder expectations.

Once the basics, functionality and planning have been built into a strong running project for CRM in the business, this allows good governance to be put in place for strong Change Management, Security and Compliance.

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