Are you stuck with an older or on premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Do you want to move to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement in the cloud?


Stay up to date on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with upgrade planning and execution services.

How do we do this?

Dynamics 365 Upgrade Assessment

Our proven upgrade readiness assessment involves a comprehensive review of your business to create a plan for Dynamics 365. We will explore how you currently use Dynamics CRM, where you could benefit from new capability, and how to take advantage of the wider benefits of the Microsoft Cloud.

Updating Dynamics CRM?

We validate your implementation against your business processes and ensure that it is in alignment.

Replacing a legacy application?

If you’re using an older platform like Iris, Goldmine, or Siebel – or a bespoke platform – there’s every chance you’re being left behind. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has evolved into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, offering new flexibility and capability to all kinds of organisations.

But getting all those new features isn’t as simple as switching to Dynamics 365 and forgetting about your existing application. We’ll help you start with a better understanding of your existing application – the features you actually use, and the data that matters to your organisation. Then, we’ll help you assess your options and untangle the complex issue of data migration. Meanwhile, we’ll use our technical expertise to deliver your business processes in Dynamics 365.

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