Our Industry Expertise

Batch Processing

Batch Processing Industries like Chemicals, Foods, Pharmaceutical, etc. generally operate under a very high level of regulatory compliances and with heavy demands on traceability. Ensuring timely and correct availability of correct materials for processing and reduction of NPT become critical for OTIF delivery, customer satisfaction and meeting manufacturing margin requirements.

Our solutions around material movement, quality control & traceability and condition monitoring & proactive maintenance of equipment working in tandem with existing enterprise IT systems, help companies in meeting these demands. 

Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete Manufacturing industries like Automotive, Auto-Components, Engineering & Capital Goods, etc. operate largely in a Consumer-driven market amidst high competition which drives them hard on pricing and customer service. Planning and scheduling of operations with a close linkage to JIT inventories with online views of product quality and traceability become key for operational efficiencies. 

Our solutions around planning & schedulingmaterial movement, quality control & traceability help companies extend their existing IT systems to granular levels in these key areas and provide data driven insights for timely decision making and actions. 

We Aim To Deliver


Sustainable results across value chain​


Modular, Scalable & Secure Solutions


Best-in-class Return on Investment

Our Partner

We have partnered with Vegam Solutions, who has been at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 revolution and has been transforming manufacturing plants across the world for over a decade.


Our Solutions

Material Movement & Management

Quality control and Traceability

Condition Monitoring / Predictive Maintenance

Planning and Scheduling

Integration and Data driven Metrics / Insights

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